Boost your homes resale value through DIY Projects

Dated: 08/01/2018

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DIY Home Remodeling Projects that Boost Resale Value


Have you grown tired of the dingy tile on the kitchen floor or the pale light in the bathroom? Perhaps you want to invest in upgrades that will give you a strong return on investment when you sell your home. Whatever your reasons for starting a home improvement project, there are a variety of ways you can proceed. Many homeowners choose to tackle these tasks on their own as do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that require little time, money or skill. For other, more complex projects, hiring a professional is a safer, more effective decision.


Bathroom Remodel

When considering upgrades to your bathroom, there are many DIY projects that can improve the overall value of your home. In fact, bathrooms are a top selling point for many homebuyers, so putting thought, time and effort into upgrading yours can make a big impact on your bottom line. When considering projects you can complete on your own, look at:


  • Replacing old hardware, like faucets, mirrors, sinks, knobs and handles, with more modern styles.

  • Improving light with recessed lighting or updated fixtures.

  • Repainting walls, ceilings and cabinets to reflect current trends and tastes.


Consider hiring a contractor or a plumber for projects like installing new tubs, showers and toilets, and replacing piping, plumbing, and electrical wiring.


Kitchen Upgrade

A kitchen remodel is the other most lucrative home improvement project when it comes to the resale value of your home. Kitchens can be the centerpiece of a home; a place where families gather to cook meals, share food and talk about their days. Renovating your kitchen to inspire warm, bright conversations is an effective way to impress homebuyers. There are several weekend projects homeowners can assume to improve the look and feel of an outdated kitchen:


  • Installing a new backsplash.

  • Equipping the kitchen with stainless-steel, modern appliances.

  • Adding or removing an island, wine racks, and bright window treatments.


Kitchens are also places where flooring, plumbing and cabinetry can be significantly improved with the help of a professional. While some of these projects can be completed on your own— or better yet, with a few good friends— it may mean that your kitchen is unusable for a period of time. Bringing in an experienced professional can not only ensure high quality, but also an efficient timeframe.



The outside of your home can be almost as big of a selling point as the inside. Landscaping and xeriscaping are two valuable ways to improve the look and feel of your home from the moment a potential buyer steps out of the car. Many of these projects you can tackle on your own— from lining a walkway with shrubs to creating a tiered garden filled with native flowers— with just a little planning, research and a few conversations with the professionals at your local nursery. Some common DIY landscaping projects include:


  • Planting a vegetable garden.

  • Adding edging to flower beds and walkways.

  • Placing a small flagstone wall around your patio or porch.

  • Building a firepit or adding an outdoor living area.


Curb Appeal

Curb appeal goes beyond the rose bushes next to your porch. The entire feel and flow of your home’s exterior is important to potential buyers. Like landscaping, you can sometimes accomplish these feats on your own, while other times you’ll really value the expertise of a professional. For example, painting the exterior of your home may be something you could accomplish in a weekend, but if the quality isn’t perfect, homebuyers will notice. Sometimes, it’s better to call in a professional for:


  • Repairing or replacing roofs.

  • Pouring or fixing driveways.

  • Planning the design of a garden.

  • Building a shed or updating a garage.

  • Removing a swimming pool.


So, as a homeowner, how can you know when to roll up your sleeves or when to call in a pro? Ask yourself if you will be sacrificing quality, time or safety by doing a project on your own. If you’re planning to complete the project yourself, practice safety every step of the way. Make sure your workspace is clutter-free (for long, ongoing projects, consider moving in-the-way items into a storage facility), keep children and pets out of your work zone, and be safe when using power tools. Reducing the risk of harm or injury is the number one concern for DIY projects.


If you’re planning to sell your home, opt to upgrade your bathroom, kitchen, and curb appeal to get the most return on investment. Use common sense to determine when you need to call in a professional, and practice safety when you plan to DIY. Complete these projects, and you’ll reap the benefits when you sell your home.

Writer Bret Engle is an architect and co-creator along with Ray Flynn of He and Ray are co-authors of the upcoming book, How to DIY Damn Near Everything, which features Ray and Bret’s best tips based on their years of collaborating on DIY projects.

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Boost your homes resale value through DIY Projects

Photo via PixabayDIY Home Remodeling Projects that Boost Resale Value  Have you grown tired of the dingy tile on the kitchen floor or the pale light in the bathroom? Perhaps you want to invest

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