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Dedicated to providing the finest service available, Turn Key Real Estate Inc. combines proven real estate and internet marketing techniques to meet your needs. Even when the industry is a challenge, Turn Key Real Estate works with you to understand the logistics and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we will walk with you through every step of the process; answering all your questions and educating you along the way.

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Tacoma in the running for 2018 All-America City Award

Here at Turn Key Real Estate, Inc. we love Tacoma and everything it offers. We are so proud that The National Civic League announced Tacoma as one of the 20 finalists for the 2018 All-America City

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The Home Inspection Process

Have you thought about selling your home? If so, getting an inspection is an important part of the process. Inspectors look at a variety of different factors and will make sure your home is

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Million-dollar home sales at all-time high in Pierce County; market expected to stay hot

In January 2018, the Tacoma News Tribune wrote an article about how the Pierce County Market is expected to stay hot! Home buyers are moving to Pierce County because they can purchase a

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Five minutes more in Seattle traffic saves $35K in home prices

New data from Zillow & HERE technologies shows that every five minutes added to your commute during rush hour means you save $35,000 in home value prices. “I think we all know that in

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